Yenka Simulation - Making an electromagnet


Load this magnets Yenka magnetic forces simulation.  Complete the following activities and questions.  The answers to the questions below should be saved in your network folder.

You should see the following simulation.

mail your answers to Mr. W. ( )
1. What does the simulation show?

Now conduct your own investigation.  You should try the following.
  1. Increase the electric current on the power supply.
  2. The power supply can damage the electric coil.  What is the maximum electric current can you use? (Hint - Use the Edit properties of the power supply to increase the A value.
  3. What do the lines around each of the magnets represent?

Edit the simulation by cutting the wires to the power supply.  Change the wires to the other terminal.    The shorter coil connection should go to the yellow terminal.

Save your new simulation on the network folder ( H: drive ).

  1. What do you notice happens to the North and South pole of the wire coil?

  2. What is the historical experiment that this simulation represents?  ( Hint - Look at Wikipedia

  3. What is the advantage of using a magnet that is controlled by an electric power supply.

  4. What have you learnt from this simulation?